New speaker descriptions and meeting counter in the planner: what's new in the 2Meet app?
We've updated the 2Meet app yet again. Event organizers, exhibitors, and guests all have access to the new features. Here are the most notable changes:
1. New speaker descriptions with HTML content
. Speakers and organizers can now include any kind of information they want about themselves by adding links, videos, and other materials. The speaker page now looks like a regular page on the site.
2. We've expanded the calendar sync function.
Previously, users were able to sync their planner to their phone calendar once. Now, event information will be updated on your phone calendar automatically.
3. Number badges have been added to days on the planner
When you have meetings, events, or activities from the program planned for a particular day, you will be able to see how many items you have for that day at a glance.

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