15 gaming conferences to go to before the end of 2019
1. External Development Summit (XDS)
Sept. 4–6, 2019
Vancouver, Canada

XDS is an annual international gaming conference that takes place in Canada. The main topics for 2019 will be design, animation, and sound in video games, as well as quality control of performance and localization.

2. Global Top Round Conference (Global Top Round)
Sept. 8, 2019
Busan, South Korea

The Global Top Round Conference is an event for game developers, and it is mainly attended by publishers, experts, and developers from around the world.

Sept. 12–15, 2019
Tokyo, Japan

TOKYO GAME SHOW 2019 is a gaming conference that is home to several projects: the Indie Game Area "Selection Booth," a free exhibition area, and "SENSE OF WONDER NIGHT 2019 (SOWN 2019)," a contest for the best game ideas by exhibitors.

4. IgroMir (GameWorld) 2019
Oct. 3–6, 2019
Moscow, Russia

IgroMir is the first full-scale exhibition in Russia for anyone who loves interactive entertainment, including console, PC, and mobile games, as well as other platforms. It features an exciting excursion through virtual worlds and real emotions, the ability to check out new games before anyone else, and the chance to meet the people who make them.

5. XRDC 2019
Oct. 14, 2019
San Francisco, California, United States

XRDC is one of the top conferences for showcasing innovations in the field of AR and VR. It is dedicated to the use of augmented and virtual reality technology in video games, education, healthcare, and medicine. Expert developers will demonstrate the latest technology, and guests will have the chance to find potential partners and make useful contacts for networking.

6. Middle East Games Con
Oct. 24–26, 2019
Abu-Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

Games Con 2019, Abu-Dhabi. Three days of game industry innovation and unforgettable experiences. GamesCon is the second part of a massive gaming event called GCC.

7. American Translators Association
Oct. 23–26, 2019
Palm Springs, California, United States

The American Translators Association conference includes more than 170 sessions and 1,400 industry attendees and exhibitors. Guests can expect interesting meetings, people, and presentations from top industry representatives.

8. EGX Berlin
Nov. 1–3, 2019
Berlin, Germany
If you like games, then you can't miss EGX, where you can test out the latest projects from indie developers and other unpublished titles.

Nov. 1–3, 2019
Anaheim, California, United States

BlizzCon 2019 is both a gaming exhibition and a celebration of geekdom. Developers will present their latest games and announce what they're working on. Plus, participants are sure to come across amazing cosplay and lots of gaming competitions.

10. DevPlay
Nov. 7–8, 2019
Bucharest, Romania

DevPlay is a conference for game developers in Eastern Europe. More than 400 people gather in Bucharest to socialize, learn from global game industry experts, and get to know the region's game developer community.

11. The India Game Developer Conference
Nov. 21–22, 2019
Hyderabad, India

The India Game Developer Conference (IGDC), previously known as the NASSCOM Game Developers Conference (NGDC), has been running for 11 years. It is the most important developers conference not just in India, but in all of South Asia. The goal of the event is to help developers get valuable industry information, acquire new skills, and make contacts with publishers and investors.

12. Future Games Summit
Nov. 25–26, 2019
London, United Kingdom

The Future Games Summit returns with a jam-packed two-day program. The event's main themes are business trends and creative innovations in the interactive entertainment industry.

Nov. 6–10, 2019
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

In November, Kuala Lumpur becomes the center of the game industry for five days. LEVEL UP KL is a platform for participants to exchange ideas, make deals, socialize, and present their products to a global audience.

14. SiGMA'19
Nov. 27–29, 2019
Ta' Qali, Malta

SiGMA'19 is a three-day gaming conference in Malta that attracts 12,500 representatives, participants, and exhibitors. Attendees will have the chance to interact with localization experts, game designers, and other game industry leaders. It's a great way to close out the fall gaming events season.

15. Slovenian Games Conference
Nov. 30, 2019
Ljubljana, Slovenia

SGC is an annual conference for designers, illustrators, marketing specialists, and game developers. It serves as a platform where participants can find projects that interest them, discuss useful business cases, and beef up their list of contacts.

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