Case: how the 2Meet app facilitated networking at the Navicon Data Talks conference
Navicon Data Talks is a massive conference that started in 2010 under the sponsorship of IBM. It serves as a platform for discussing how modern technology can address the most pressing challenges in the business world.

Conference guests include top managers and executives from commercial and analytical departments in both Russian and international companies.

Objectives set by the organizers included:
Ensuring maximum convenience for clients
Organizing online voting
Creating a platform for participants to interact with one another and with
Facilitating high-quality networking
The 2Meet mobile app was one of the tools used to ensure easy communication, careful attention to personal time, and productive networking.

Sergey Ksenofontov, marketing director for Navicon, told us about working with the app and how it helped provide reliable navigation services and facilitate participants' interaction with one another and with speakers.

The organizers used the 2Meet app in 2018, and we're back at the conference again this year.
"We looked at a few other options. But 2Meet was a better fit for us in terms of the features and services," said Sergey.

After specific objectives were defined, the process of implementing the app for the event began. 2Meet project manager Kseniya Yarkova worked together with a Navicon employee to achieve implementation.

We have helped organize more than 180 events around the world and know that participants must have access to the platform in advance. This strategy is the most effective for encouraging participants and exhibitors to get involved before, during, and after the event, and it also increases the amount of time event organizers, participants, and guests have to interact.
"Overall, there weren't any problems with the app. The project manager and our employee worked on the content for the app as a team. Of course, technical errors and problems did arise, but we appreciated the prompt response to these issues."
During this time, we added the following to the app:
- individualized design

- participant list section

- participant cards

- participant companies section

- booth list

- event program

- map and floorplan navigation

- separate section for speakers

- PDF file of the program so it could be easily saved to a smartphone
At the Conference

During the conference, project manager Kseniya fielded technical questions from users, like those concerning uploads and displaying profiles.

This was the app's second time being used at the conference, so some users were already registered on it. We had to make sure their data was entered correctly in the database for the new conference.

To help participants navigate to speaker presentations, the organizers sent push notifications to users.
"We used texts to remind guests about the event, greet new attendees, and alert people about the start of registration. In addition, mass messages were used to invite guests back into the room after coffee breaks."

The organizers noted that the app helped them cut down on staff hours during the event and save money on handouts. The app also helped make the event feel more "digital."

In all, 400 people took part in the conference, and 59% used the 2Meet app.
Users sent an average of 4 messages each.

After the Navicon Data Talks forum, the organizers said their guests had no complaints about the app. And our team has already taken heed of the organizers' desire to use new features next year like voting and displaying results on a screen in online mode.

The Navicon Data Talks forum is an example of how organizers can work with a project manager to launch the app on time, encourage a good number of participants to use it, and create a convenient way for conference-goers to communicate. By the way, you can find some useful advice about preparing for conferences and taking part in various events on our blog.

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