How a mobile conferencing app helps sell sponsorship packages
Event apps are not a luxury, but a way to respond to challenges in business. Networking, messaging, polling, and navigation may be the features that event organizers pay the most attention to, but mobile event services have one other capability that people often forget about.

Current apps for conferences, exhibitions, and forums are also an advertising platform with functions that help increase sponsorship package sales. Today we would like to talk about how to effectively implement advertising in your event app.
1. Title Sponsor

Provide visible and blank spaces for your title sponsor to advertise. Every time conference guests open the app, they will see the advertiser and get information about their product. If you do not want to cover every page with the sponsor's ad, you can offer to place their logo on the menu and schedule, since these screens are the most viewed by users.

2. List of Partners

Add a list of all the event's sponsors as a separate line of text in the app's page layout and include clickable logos. This way, exhibitors will have fast access to the advertisers' products, and the advertisers will receive statistics about visits to their website.

3. Separate Banner

Floating banners are a contentious issue, but they offer the most direct way to reach users with information about the sponsor company's special offers. A banner can also serve as a clickable link to an advertiser's site.

4. Gamification

Prizes for completing a quiz and discounts and promo codes for participants who registered on the app and attended the conference will help organizers kill two birds with one stone: in addition to supplementing the sponsor package, they will also increase user engagement and brand loyalty.

5. Push Notifications

One of the most effective methods of communicating important information to event attendees is push notifications. Short alert messages that pop up on users' smartphone screens immediately grab their attention. This feature may be used as a value-added service for exhibitors and sponsors. In addition, research has shown that notifications on users' screens increase their engagement.

Besides all this, when exhibitors and sponsors buy ad space in an app, they get easy access to click statistics, which they can export and do live analytics on.

If your event has the features listed above, your sponsors will see the value of taking part in it and be reassured that it will generate targeted leads for them.

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