15 IT-conferences to go to before the end of 2019
The third international Dvoma.Pro IT conference is dedicated to bringing in and monetizing internet traffic. The conference attendees include specialists in contextual advertising, analytics and SMM. The speakers include practicing experts from all over the world, who will present best practices and tested case studies.

2. Optical Communication Expo 2019
The Chinese International Optoelectronics Expo (CIOE), which will showcase laser technology, devices for producing fine optical lenses and modular cameras, and much more.

3. Sino-German BioEnergy Annual Conference 2019
The Sino-German BioEnergy Conference in the city of Qingdao. Representatives of the industry will gather to discuss developing applications for bio-gas technologies in processing farming by-products.

4. Deep Learning Summit London 2019
A conference of specialists in the fields of deep learning and artificial intelligence. Experts in the industry of building neural networks, processing large volumes of data, and speech and image recognition, will gather to discuss how deep learning will affect utilities, manufacturing, healthcare and transportation in the near future.

5. International Symposium on Signal Processing Systems 2019
The International Symposium on Signal Processing Systems (SSPS 2019) is a gathering of researchers, lecturers and graduate students who study these systems and introduce them into various spheres of industry.


At the Digitale Energiewelt conference in Berlin, speakers include employees of innovative companies involved in the latest in energy solutions. The main theme of the event will be the application of modern technologies in the world of communications services and network providers, and in the energy industry.

7. ECommerce Expo 2019
ECommerce Expo is a conference dedicated to introducing new technologies into modern marketing and automating it. SEO specialists and professionals of SMM and other marketing and PR specializations will gather under one roof for two days.

8. IoT & AI World Summit Russia 2019
The third international global summit on the internet of things and artificial intelligence is a space that unites technology entrepreneurs, the latest developments, investors and big business.

9. Big Data Days

The Big Data Days conference is two days of talks in the sphere of processing and analyzing large volumes of data, machine learning and the technical specifics of the industry.

10. Festival of Science Expo XIV 2019
Siberian Federal Area Cardiology Conference VIII. The topic of the conference is "From initial prevention to advanced technology in cardiology". Industry professionals will discuss current new preventive technologies, modern approaches to diagnosing and treating the cardiovascular system and much more.

11. FrontendConf 2019
FrontendConf is a professional conference for front-end developers. Two days of talks on design, development, efficiency, automation, code quality and testing for web apps from the best speakers in the CIS and beyond.

12. eMove360° Europe 2019
EMove360° Europe 2019 is the largest expo and market for solutions in the industry of city design, from automated driving and electronics to informational entertainment systems.

13. Blockchain Life Europe 2019
The largest and most significant industry forum in Russia and Europe. In 2019, Blockchain Life is expecting to greet 6,000 blockchain specialists and participants from 70 countries. The forum brings world leaders of the industry together with those who are just starting their interest in the blockchain and cryptocurrency.

14. Say Future: Security 2019
The SAY FUTURE forum is a space for professionals and representatives of technology companies and media platforms to talk. It's a place to meet colleagues, partners and competitors. Speakers will include the leading faces of companies, market leaders and teams from daring startups. They'll argue, share their experiences and find points of common ground.

15. Highload++ 2019
The largest professional conference for developers of high-load systems. Over 3000 participants will gather under one roof to exchange knowledge on the architecture of large projects, databases, storage systems and much more.

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