How to turn meetings at exhibitions into sales
Exhibitions are full of your target audience. Use all the features of 2meet to get most out of this.
Before the event:
1. Upload your profile photo so that people will quickly recognize you when you meet in person.

2. Fill in your profile information in as much detail as you can: from your position to your field of work and interests. This will help other participants navigate the guest list.
At the event
3. When sending an invitation, make the topic as specific as possible, and phrase it like a key benefit. For example, "How to launch a game on the Asian market" will be a lot more successful than "Let's discuss working together".

4. If the conversation topic at the meeting goes beyond discussing your products, record each detail, question, or wish that the person you're talking to expresses. The more information they share with you, the more reasons to interact with them you'll have in the future.

5. Write a short follow-up message to the person you met with immediately after the meeting. Your conversation is not the only one of the day for them. Make sure you "imprint" your meeting on them. Thank the person for their time, and briefly note the points that you discussed.

6. Finish the follow-up message by outlining
the next step that will bring your deal to a successful outcome. For example: you said you would send us materials, we are preparing an agreement presentation.
After the event
7. Add your recent meetings to the CRM system as deals. A meeting at an event is a lead.
8. Do what was discussed within the timeframe you promised. Accuracy is a sign of professionalism.
9. Add something more outside the scope of main project if you have the resources: send an article, a checklist, or a contractor recommendation.
10. Move the lead forward with clear solutions in each dialogue: there should be no deals made without tasks or deals with overdue tasks.

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