Green me if you can: 5 simple ways to make your event more environmentally-friendly

Caring for nature has become more than just a passing trend. It's now an important part of every person's life. One in every ten Russian citizens is concerned about the current state of the environment. Large companies have long taken it upon themselves to be environmentally-friendly, doing everything from planting trees to improving production methods. Corporate parties, business meetings, and events are going "green" every day, and discussions on protecting the environment have replaced discussions on the weather as a conversation starter.

We decided to put together some helpful tips on how to make your conference, event, or forum more green, which will help you not only attract new guests, but also make your event part of something global.

1. Waste separation

The first and most simple, tip: have separated trash receptacles. Paper, plastic, and food waste should each have their own color-coded bin. Furthermore, it is a good idea to communicate with recycling collection facilities in your city. Make sure you inform your event staff about the importance of separate waste disposal.

2. Environmentally friendly dishes

Coffee breaks, buffet tables, dinner—it all involves a huge amount of plastic dishes and utensils. They always end up being uncomfortable to use, they tend to break, and they can be a nuisance and an eyesore. From an early age, we're all taught that it takes an incredibly long time for polyethylene to decompose. There is also the option of reusable dishes and utensils: Environmentally friendly, yes, but not always convenient. This is where biodegradable materials step in.
Cups and plates made of starch or cane are practical, durable, and environmentally friendly. They also have a unique look to them that immediately catches the eye and can spark interest in natural innovations.

3. Use an app to avoid handouts

Promotional brochures, business cards, and catalogs are indispensable at any conference. A hefty share of an event budget is spent on creating and printing handouts, but more often than not they end up in the trash. Mobile applications are stepping in to take their place, with a wide range of features and constant interactivity that let you partially, if not completely, do away with printed handouts.
Applications can be used to set up communication between attendees, distribute event information, send invitations, and conduct surveys. Built-in interactive maps will help people navigate the exhibition space. And since all of this is contained within the app, the organizer will be able to compile statistics and create a full report on the event. Result: undeniable savings for you, and less harm for the environment.

4. Gifts and merch

Reusability is not only environmentally friendly, but also multi-functional and fashionable. Instead of plastic swag bags, whose lives will end in the trash, give out cloth ones, and fill them not with a notebook and pen, but branded clothes or accessories made from recycled materials.
These items have a longer lifespan, and a lot more options for use, meaning your brand will stay visible on them for longer.

5. Stationery of the future

If you have the option, try and avoid stationery, interior design components, and electronic equipment made from polyvinyl chloride. There are lots of alternatives on the market now: pens, notebooks, and other stationery supplies that are produced with no or almost no use of plastic. Use screens instead of banners, and pencils or pens made from recycled materials instead of plastic ones. And, of course, choose a venue with lots of natural light—this will minimize your energy costs.

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