How to Make a Promotional Video for an Event

Without a doubt, video is a highly effective way to promote your brand and the events associated with it, but only if you follow a strict set of rules. The video needs to inspire people to come to your future events. Let’s find out how to make the perfect promotional video for an event. Plan the Filming Process Ahead of Time Ideally, you should plan the filming a year in advance. As you film the

How to Negotiate with the Chinese

We are continuing our cycle about how to interact with partners from other countries, and today’s topic is China. We don’t plan to repeat the points we made last time about Japan, like punctuality, respect, and the whole story with bowing, which are similar in China. Let’s take a look at some new aspects and points of difference, and at the end, our business development manager Elena Pyannikova(Елена

Why No One Likes Meetings: A Leader’s Guide

According to research published in the Harvard Business Review, 65% of upper managers say meetings interfere with their work, and 71% said they were not productive and inefficient. Why do these events have such a poor reputation? Because most of the people leading them don’t know how to conduct a meeting properly. 2meet recommends adopting a few simple rules to make your meetings useful, and thereby

How to negotiate with… the Japanese.

We’ve got 11 practical tips for anyone looking to partner with Japanese companies and not get egg in their face. 1) Punctuality. The Japanese value their time and really appreciate it when people respect their schedules. Try to show up early or at least one time to meetings. No amount of explanation will excuse you for being late. Punctuality is a high priority in Japan. 2) Do not try to mirror

Guide: the perfect event

Eventum Premo director Alexander Shumovich shared his thoughts on how to organize the perfect event, and we couldn’t agree with him more! Look at events through the client’s eyes Read your event’s announcement as if you don’t know anything about it. Walk the venue in its entirety, from the parking lot to the main hall, for ease of navigation. Sit down at a table and look at the main stage.


1. DRAW UP A PLAN FOR THE WEEK The important thing is to create a structure for your week, otherwise ‘sudden’ tasks can crowd out ‘important’ ones. 2. MAKE SURE THAT YOUR TASK LIST FOR THE DAY IS MANAGEABLE Make enough time for all the tasks, otherwise they’ll hang around forever being moved a day forward, and your task list will turn into a list of expectations. 3. FORGET

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