How to Make a Promotional Video for an Event

Without a doubt, video is a highly effective way to promote your brand and the events associated with it, but only if you follow a strict set of rules. The video needs to inspire people to come to your future events.

Let's find out how to make the perfect promotional video for an event.

Plan the Filming Process Ahead of Time

Ideally, you should plan the filming a year in advance. As you film the material for this year's clip, save it in your archive for the next year. Use the best parts of past videos to create your new video.

Effective Shots

  1. Wide shots

    To film a wide shot, use a GoPro or set up a camera on a tripod. Try to put it as high up as possible for the widest possible angle. Put the camera at the back of the stage to ensure it catches the whole audience.

  2. Entertained audience

    Viewers will certainly enjoy seeing happy people who are having a good time and making the most of the event. Be sure to get some shots of attendees meeting one another in a relaxed atmosphere, examining exhibits with great interest, smiling, and chatting comfortably with one another. Plus, you should film some of the highlights of the speakers' performances with the thrilled audience as a backdrop.

  3. Wow shots

    If you want to approach the filming creatively, you can use all sorts of tricks and special effects to create interesting, visually pleasing "wow" shots. For example, you don't have to use a professional dolly to produce the effect of a smooth long shot. If you don't have a dolly, you can use a board on wheels or even a stroller. Show your ingenuity and create something unique on the set of your video. Attach a dashcam to a car and film the view as you drive up to the venue. Then for a real "wow," you can edit the clip to be in slow motion. Keep in mind that you should include shots with different scales: a general overview, a medium view, and a close shot; that way you can keep the clip visually interesting as you switch between them in editing. Follow these tips and you'll get a full, dynamic depiction of the event.

Preparing for Filming

Preparation for the filming is no less important than post-production. Consider what equipment you need and how you want to film beforehand. Use aerial filming to get an impressive bird's-eye view of the proceedings. If you decide to do that, think about where exactly you want the drone to film from to get the best view of the event. Remember that good lighting is crucial, and once you've got locations picked out, make sure to set up additional lights correctly. For a steadier video of a stationary scene, use a tripod.

The real ace up your sleeve is composing your shots properly. In a perfect world, you'd have someone at the filming to be a kind of director, telling the camera operators what to do. You can also write a screenplay for the video and make a shot-by-shot breakdown.

Consider: Will your video have a soundtrack or will there be background noise in your shots? You have to think about that ahead of time. If you are going to have an interview, make sure to use microphones to get clean sound.

If you are working on a new event, and you don't have an archive of shots to use, you can ask sponsors and attendees for video.

Keep It Simple

The longer a video lasts, the less effective it is. They say brevity is the soul of wit, and that goes for promotional videos as well. You should always bear that in mind. Long videos will have an adverse effect on your budget, whereas short ones are more affordable, watchable, and interesting.

The video should be no longer than two minutes, or the viewer may start to get bored. Two minutes is more than enough time to catch their attention and present the information they need. So when you're editing, choose your shots carefully; you want to include only the most important, most impressive moments. However, there is no one perfect length; it all depends on the contents, context, and intended audience.

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