Guide: the perfect event

Eventum Premo director Alexander Shumovich shared his thoughts on how to organize the perfect event, and we couldn't agree with him more!

  • Look at events through the client's eyes
    Read your event's announcement as if you don't know anything about it. Walk the venue in its entirety, from the parking lot to the main hall, for ease of navigation. Sit down at a table and look at the main stage. Nine times out of ten the face of the person sitting furthest away isn't as pleased as in the render, so you'll give yourself the chance to improve these little details.
  • Be consistent
    Don't rely on random contacts. Be shrewd when selecting a partner, and stick with them for as long as circumstances allow. Having a solid background is critical for clients, agents and contractors to get along properly. Having more than a "one-off" relationship helps gradually cultivate the top-notch results your competitors could only dream of.
  • Practice makes perfect
    Dry runs are key. Every event rehearsal improves quality by 40-50%, not to mention how it boosts your confidence and helps smooth out rough patches. Event rehearsals help various teams work together as a single unit, optimize communication channels and harmonize operations. Unlike in the theatre, event organizers typically show the results of their hard work only once, so blowing off even a single rehearsal can have dire consequences.
  • Don't try and have it all
    For organizers, events are a way to realize the professional dreams and ambitions that inspired them to choose this profession in the first place. But a jam-packed schedule can end up exhausting attendees. There's no need to go overboard in this regard: always leave enough time to relax and socialize between main events. The less time-consuming obligations and unnecessarily long formal presentations the better, and your guests will end up thanking you in the end.
  • Gifts
    People love free stuff, that's a fact. No matter how affluent the crowd, they'll always appreciate that there was free food and alcohol, cute flash drives or other branded goodies, or conveniences like free parking/transfers. Decades of research prove that getting something for free is an extremely powerful motivating force.
  • Keep your finger on the pulse
    Event organizers need to stay on top of the most popular trends. Being able to tastefully include a super-fashionable and trendy element as part of an event is looked at highly in the event manager world. Just make sure not to miss the boat! Doing a mannequin challenge at a conference at the end of 2016 was on point, but try the same activity six months later and you'll never escape the embarrassment.

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