2Meet is a mobile platform for hosting online events.
2Meet. Adapt your event to the latest conditions as they unfold!
2Meet can help solve your problems:
Don't completely cancel your event; hold it on an online platform instead;
Have speakers give their talks online within the community;
Your sponsors can find new clients using our search system;
Post sponsors' ads and send promotional push notifications within the app;
Inform participants of updates in real time;
Reduce expenditures on supporting third-party services;
Collect all the info and chats in one service;
Securely protect confidential data;
What functions does 2Meet provide:
Cost of use
FREE UNTIL 04/30/2020

Monthly subscription to use the service. The cost includes the contents of the service, administrations, and online moderation by a 2Meet project manager.
Launch process:
Agreement → bill → payment.
Collection of additional information to configure the app to the client's needs.
Configuration, launching the service and training your team on how its functions work.

5–12 days

We recommend launching the app 20 days prior to the event to ensure there is time to set up and test all the functionality.
Participants can learn how to use the app and get acquainted with its features beforehand, and they can also set up any planned meetings.

Our manager is online throughout the event to ensure timely resolution of any issues that may arise.

The service is available on any device

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