The Struggle Is Real—But So Is the Solution!

Imagine you’re getting ready for a conference of 1,500 people. Prior to the event, you pull together a list of participating companies, or if you’re lucky, the organizer provides one. Each company has somewhere between 10 to 1000+ employees. Which ones will be at the conference? You sit down at your computer, and, two months before the conference, you write emails and social media posts to figure out who will be there and try to arrange meetings.

Then there’s the question of which attendees may be interested in your company’s services, so that you don’t waste time on pointless meetings. Without that preparation, or if that preparation doesn’t provide results, you’ll have to improvise at the event and just make the best of the circumstances. And although you shouldn’t give up hope, you can’t count on make many sales that way.

All kinds of other things can go wrong too: prior meetings can run late, people can just forget about appointments, the list goes on. Even if you send reminders on FB and Telegram, there’s a chance that your partners won’t read the messages in time because they’ve got too many chats and push notifications. Lots of people turn off notifications during big, busy events.

That’s why we created 2meet. We’ve dealt with these problems, and designed an app that’s like an assistant to solves these three problems. It allows you to keep track of and use contact info simply, correct meeting times, and send notifications to potential partners. Plus, it’s easy to tailor to a specific event, with venue maps, labeled meeting points, schedules, and more. You can download #2Meet for free and see how you like it here :

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