Crypto Games Conference: feedback

We’ve already written about the Crypto Games Conference, and now we’re going to share some feedback from people who worked with 2Meet and have tested it out in action.

«A few days ago, the 2Meet system was used at our conference with one of the most innovative fields: the First Crypto Games Conference.

More than 300 representatives of companies from the cryptogaming world, cryptogaming services, services that use blockchain and cryptocurrencies participated in the conference, including well-known heavyweights of the sector WAX, AxiomZen (the developers of CryptoKitties), PUBG, WAVES, DMarket, Play2Live, RAWG, DAO Casino, TrueFlip, EtherZero, and many more.

Exhibitors from more than 15 countries, 80% of the talks where in English, setting a good tone and dynamic!
All in a one-day conference we have a highly effective format for meetings, networking, and talks.

Thanks to the system, our 300 participants were able to make connections and appreciate 2Meet, thanks to which they could set up meetings that led to contracts and new partnerships! The visitors really liked the system.

We can say for sure that the first ever Crypto Games Conference was a success!».

Evgenii Lavrinenko, organizer of the Crypto Games Conference


«We did not get one negative comment about the app overall. The app works very quickly, and everyone was pleased with the system, although many of the guests.

There was one person at the conference who was already very familiar with 2Meet, and he felt that in a year—when the market is little more solid, and you have a clear system of monetization—you’ll be very attractive for investment..

The platform really added to our conference. Talking and setting up meetings is easy enough, and the system runs really smoothly. A few of our savvier visitors noted they hadn’t even seen something like 2Meet at high-profile conferences in China and Hong Kong. We are grateful to 2Meet for the service and wish them ever stronger positions in the future. We’ll be happy to use new updated versions of the platform on our next conference in Minsk. May 2Meet conquer the whole market!».

Maria Alexeyeva, Crypto Games Conference marketing expert.

There were some ideas for functions that would fill out our list of options for the future of the app. For example, group chats to agree on a cafe to go to, and stickers. We were promised that the industry would appreciate those little things. 🙂

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