Blitz interview with Christian Kasch
We have an interesting rapid-fire interview here with a project director of the Collection Premiere Moscow exhibition. CPM is the International Fashion Trade Show presents international fashion trends across Russia and Eastern Europe which has been held since 2002. By 2012, CPM became the largest fashion exhibition in Eastern Europe. It is the 30th anniversary edition of CPM this year! Anyway, meet our hero – Christian Kasch, projects director of the Igedo Company (Germany).

2meet: Wow the 30th anniversary exhibition is over! How are you feeling?

Kasch: I'm feeling overwhelmed because we organized again an amazing and successful show in Moscow. The aisles were busier than they had been in a long time and the exhibitors had a lot to do and, according to their own statements, wrote good orders.

2meet: How long have you been a director of the CPM project?

Kasch: Since the first CPM 15 years ago, I am now in the process and after a few seasons I was appointed as Project Director of the event.

2meet: Do you remember what you thought back then? Was it like "this thing is too big and unwieldy for me to handle", or did you immediately figure out how everything works and make an amazing event?

Kasch: I was very proud and grateful to be responsible for this exciting fashion show in Moscow.

But I cannot claim this success to myself. My team, which like me is fully behind the project, is an important part and without the colleagues, CPM would not be where it stands now. In Russia, there is a saying, which fits very well here: A soldier is not yet an army. And a fair does not organize itself.

2meet: When you look at CPM it feels like there is this enormous amount of people working on it. How many people usually participate in organizing events like that? How can you pull this off?

Kasch: In Düsseldorf, our team is seven people strong, plus three colleagues from Messe Düsseldorf GmbH, which taking care of the technical things. And not to forget, the eight colleagues from the office of Messe Düsseldorf Moscow. In addition, we are supported in many countries by our foreign representatives, who work with an equally great enthusiasm at CPM!

2meet: What kind of tools do you use when organizing CPM?

Kasch: Trade fairs are made by people for people, so it is naturally that the colleagues in the team are import (if you can call these "tools"). Additional to this, we are supported by our foreign representatives in 16 countries.

2meet: What's in an exhibition for you? Are they all more or less the same, or do you learn something new each year? Can you give a few examples?

Kasch: It is always very exciting. No event is like another. A fair always has to offer something new. Nothing is worse like a boring fair. That's why we're always interested in offering new brands, coolly staged fashion shows and exciting seminars. In the six months between fairs, we are constantly on the move to find new highlights and bring them to CPM.

2meet: What do you think about adopting mobile apps like 2meet when organizing events or exhibitions? Is it just a modern fad or is it leading to a user-friendly future?

Kasch: Apps are now an indispensable medium. Especially the young generation expects something like this at a modern trade fair. 2meet is the best partner with the best offer for our visitors. Together with 2meet we offer all essential information about the fair. A special advantage is the chat area for visitors and exhibitors, to establish a business relationship. Meanwhile 2meet belongs to CPM. Two strong partners, who do a lot for the fashion business. We are looking forward to many more years and more innovations.

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