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How do you earn the loyalty of a visitor to your exhibition? Don't let them get lost!

At large events, it's often hard to know where you are, especially if the expocenter is big and you're at an event like that for the first time. As a result, it can take some time for visitors to just get to orient themselves.

This means that organizers should think first and foremost about the comfort and convenience of their exhibition visitors – that way, they can go about doing what they came to do: study the market and their competitors, negotiate, network and so on. So be sure you don't forget that the effectiveness of a visitor depends directly on the information, content or event data available to them.

This problem is solved by an event map, which nowadays tends to be called a Customer Journey Map. It is made using various methods of communicating with the visitor and it is designed to provide simple and clear access to information to meet the user's specific requirements.

If you install 2Meet before you visit a conference, you'll have such a map in your pocket and you'll know where you can find each exhibitor and never get lost in the exhibition space.

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