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Advantages for the organizer

You don't have to develop your own application
Mobile and desktop applications for attendees
Saving money on hand-out materials
Additional monetization
Connect with your guests
Online statistics on guests
Advertising opportunities within application
API for downloading attendees to the application
Automatic operation
Surveys of attendees and guests
Save time at all stages of the event
Manage your event through an admin panel
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Opportunities for attendees

Convenient networking and finding new contacts

All attendee contact details in the application

Convenient messenger for chatting and notifications

Exhibition map and navigation to destination
Event program and personal planner

Questions to speakers during and after presentations

50,000 attendees use the service

Around 300 attendees recognized 2Meet's value and used it to make business connections and set up meetings that resulted in signed contracts or intentions to work together!
Eugene Lavrinenko
Crypto Games Conference Organizer
In the name of the organizers of the Digital Bridge 2018 conference and the Office of the Prime Minister of the Republic of Kazakhstan, allow us to express our thanks and appreciation for your participation in the conference. We hope that we achieved our goal of building a digital bridge from Astana, located in the very heart of Central Asia, to countries in Europe, the Middle East, Asia and America.
Kubenov Samat
Ministry of Information and Communication of the Kazakhstan
It was a pleasure to work with you, and we look forward to continuing our collaboration with 2Meet for our upcoming event in London in 2019.
Yuliya Moshkaryova
Indie Prize Director at CGA | Casual Connect
2Meet is our best partner, the best thing that we could offer our attendees. Alongside 2Meet, we provide our guests with everything they need and with important information about the exhibition. A particular advantage is the integrated chat for participants and guests of the exhibition, which allows them to make business contacts and create partnerships.
Christian Cash
Director of the CPM project at Igedo Company

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мобильного приложения

Mobile application features

  • Convenient contact search among exhibition attendees
  • Ability to set up cold meetings quickly
  • A single planner for meetings and events
  • Chat for talking to attendees
  • Meeting notifications right in the app
  • Search all company participants

the design
for the event


Splash screens

Download screen

Emails for users

The 2Meet team provides project support for participants

Before the event
Online and telephone
support for users
Help with configuration and answers to questions
Online answers to questions and help with the application
We created 2Meet to meet our needs, and it turned out that we weren't alone. The events market has long been in need of an events application that can combine the advantages of already existing services.
Pavel Tokarev, CEO.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What platforms can I use 2Meet on?
The app can be used in iOS, Аndroid, or any web browser.
Can I add an additional section to the application?
Yes. You can add extra sections with the event's program, speaker info, presenter info, sponsor/partner info, or a section with the venue layout and event floor plan. Any other types of sections can also be added at the client's request. All additional sections must be agreed beforehand with 2Meet representatives.
Can I publish advertising in the application?
Yes. The Sponsor section can feature logos, short sponsor bios, and links to sponsor sites. The app loading screen can host an ad, and you can also create push notifications with short ad messages.
Can I send push notifications to certain people?
Yes. You can send push notifications to all attendees, specific attendee categories, all members of a certain company, or individual users.
Can I change the event program online?
Yes. Event administrators with access to edit event programs are assigned before every event. Such administrators can be from either 2Meet or the event organizer's team.
Can I view statistics online?
The organizer can view certain statistical data online, such as number of participants currently in the application, information about meetings (meeting participants, meeting place, meeting status (declined, accepted), and questions to speakers and organizers. Also, after the event is held, the organizers will have access to data about the number of messages sent, meetings set and held, and the number of events added to the participants' planners.
How long does it take to integrate the application?
If all information and materials required to launch the app are provided on time, it should be up and running within 5 working days.
What countries does 2Meet work in?
The app works worldwide. We've been a part of events in the UK, Germany, Switzerland and 11 other cities in Europe. We helped to organize events in China, Malaysia and Indonesia. 2Meet has also supported events in Mexico and Argentina.
What languages is the app in? Can more be added?
The app is localized into 2 languages: English and Russian. We can also localize the app into any other language by client request regardless of the deadline.
Can I add content myself?
Yes. Event organizers can add content on their own after first being trained by the 2Meet team.
Can participants chat in the application after the event is over?
Yes. Event attendees can chat in the app as much as they want, and event content is stored in the app for however long the organizers choose.
Can the app be integrated with online registration?
Yes. Integration with online registration is easy using the 2Meet API.

When the API is integrated with the registration form, attendee data is sent directly to the app and a profile is created automatically for each registered guest.

Event attendees can also get personal codes to log into the app and a link to download the app sent to their email. This is great because it simplifies the attendee registration process so they don't need to fill out an app profile separately.

Where are the users' personal data kept?
The data of our app users is stored on 2Meet company servers in Russian Federation.
What different ways can I use to log into the app?
The app supports 3 login methods:

1) by phone with text confirmation

2) via social media (Facebook, Google, LinkedIn)

3) API by entering the 2Meet company code in the event registration form. After registering on the event website, attendees will be sent an email with unique credentials for quick login access to 2Meet.

What are the discounts for setting up multiple events?
If you sign a contract to use 2Meet for multiple events, we offer discounts on an individual basis based on the number. For example, 15% for 2 events, or 30% for 5 events. Final prices and discount amounts are determined on a case-by-case basis.
What goes into the price of launching the app?
The price of using 2Meet for your event depends on a number of factors, including how long the event is, and the number of attendees, presenters, speakers, etc. It also depends on who adds the content, supports the app, etc.

For a personalized commercial offer, please contact us at info@2meet.biz or speak with a manager to cover all the details and hear the final cost.

What should the organizer do to ensure the app runs properly?
Before each event, we ask the organizer to fill out a short form. On the basis of these answers, a 2Meet manager gets the app ready for your event.

If you want to handle the pre-event app configuration yourself, the 2Meet team will train you to work with the app independently.

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