2Meet - an app for conferences and expos

Tools to attract participants, advertising opportunities and push notifications, event program, calendar and appointment making, surveys, and online statistics.


Sell advertising space in the app

Distribute sponsors' materials and use push notifications. It's never been easier to communicate the value of an exhibitor's presentation to attendees.


No more pamphlets

Forget about the hassle of all those print materials. Now all the same information is in the app and available to every attendee. Save money and space in people's pockets.

Full Online Statistics

Keep up to date

Track attendee activity in real time. View attendance statistics and make your next events even better using the data.

Easy-to-Use Administration Panel

Oversee the process

Manage the event; make changes to the program in online mode; sign in attendees; send out mailings, surveys, and polls.


Add your unique touch

Your logo during startup on telephones, stylized header for the web version, and your custom colors. Everything will remind your guests and participants who to thank for the organization of the event.

Set up meetings

Get more key contacts and attract visitors to your stand

Communication with visitors

Instant push notifications for your target audience

Additional brand promotion

Use advertising space in the app interface


Solve organizational issues online without leaving your stand

Exhibition chart and navigation

Choose an optimal route to the event without installing separate apps Provides a way to quickly orient yourself and visit all the companies that interest you at the event

All contacts in your pocket

Talk to other event attendees within the event and beyond it

Get more of the contacts you want and set up meetings with potential partners

Event program and planner

Allows you to plan the day without annoying handouts and makes sure you don't miss that important meeting!

Communication with speakers

Ask questions to industry leaders during and after a presentation

The ability to talk to other industry leaders



App history

Navigation 2.0
Navigation 2.0 Perfected navigation with Google Maps and links for faster entry into the event.
January 2018
Meeting place selection
Released an update with meeting setup including automatic selection of a space to meet.
September 2017
Organizers can now do surveys using push notifications.
September 2017
Voting (polls)
Launched a function allowing speakers to poll their audience and display the results during their presentation.
June 2017
Speakers Section
Implemented information on speakers and question asking during presentations.
May 2017
Contact Filters
You can now identify at which event you made contacts and filter by company and role.
March 2017
Flow Programs
Now you can have several programs for a single event: for various flows or internal exhibition partitions.
February 2017
Adapted the app to let organizers choose the color scheme + download screen with the event logo.
January 2017
API Registration
Released a software interface for connecting online registration forms.
December 2016
Web Version
The app can now be used from any browser on a computer.
November 2016
First Exhibition
Tested out the functions for exhibitors on the international market.
September 2016
First Conference
A trial international conference.
January 2016
We released a service to find necessary contacts and plan meetings at events.
February 2015



We like to help entrepreneurs with initiative build and grow their business. Thanks to 2meet, hundreds of businesspeople find their partners, make deals, and explain their product to the world at every expo and conference.

We are always looking to improve our service by testing it and implementing new functions. We also work hard to ensure that our app runs smoothly.

We created 2meet to meet our own needs, and it turned out that we weren't alone. The event market needed a meeting app that could bring together the advantages of other existing services.
Pavel Tokarev
CEO of 2meet

Frequently Asked Questions

Which platforms does the service work on?

The service works on iOS and Android, and there is a web version of the application.

Can I add an additional section to the application?

Extra sections with an event program, information on speakers, information on exhibits, information on sponsors/partners can be added to the application, along with a section showing a diagram of the building and rooms of the event. Any other section can also be added at the client's discretion. Addition of other sections must be discussed in advance with 2Meet employees.

Can I publish advertising in the application?

In the Sponsors section, you can publish a logo, a short description of sponsors, and a link to the sponsor site. Also, in the Messages and Program section, you can add company logos which will redirect to the advertiser's site when clicked.

Can I send push notifications to certain people?

Push notifications can be sent to all participants or to specific categories. Mailouts can also be sent to specific companies or individual users.

Can I give participants VIP status?

Yes, selected participants can be given VIP status. When they get VIP status, those participants will immediately have the option of chatting with other participants in the application and hiding their profile from the list of participants. In other cases, the participant can chat with other participants only after requesting it.

Can I change the event program online?

Before every event, an event administrator is designated and given the required access to edit the program online. The administrator can be a 2Meet employee, or a representative of the event organizers. There is also an option to designate several administrators with different access levels.

Can I view statistics online?

The organizer can view certain statistical data online, such as number of participants currently in the application, information about meetings (meeting participants, meeting place, meeting status (declined, accepted), and questions to speakers and organizers. Also, after the event is held, the organizers will have access to data about the number of messages sent, meetings set and held, and the number of events added to the participants' planners.

How long does it take to integrate the application?

On the condition that all the information and material required for integration is provided in a timely manner, the timeframe is 5 working days.

Which languages can the application support? Can a new one be added?

The application supports five languages: English, French, Russian, Ukrainian, Chinese.Additional languages can be added on request.

Is it possible to launch several surveys at once?

You can launch several surveys at once.

Can I add content myself?

Event organizers can add content themselves, after first receiving training from 2Meet employees on working in the administration system.

Can participants chat in the application after the event?

Participants can chat after the event in the application without limitation, and access to the event content is stored for a time agreed with the organizers.

Is there an option to integrate with online registration?

The 2Meet application can be integrated with online registration using data transfer via the 2Meet service API. With API integration with a registration form, participant data can be passed to the application and a profile can be automatically created for them. Participants can also get personal log-in codes and links to quickly install the application. Advantages: simplifies the registration procedure for participants as they do not have to fill out their profile manually in the application.

Where are the users' personal data kept?

Users' personal data is kept on the 2Meet company servers in the Russian Federation in accordance with Russian Federation Law.

What authorization methods does the application have?

There are three registration methods in the application: 1) by phone with confirmation via SMS; 2) via social networks (Facebook, Google, LinkedIn); 3) API - the implementation of the 2Meet company code in the event's registration form. After registering on the event site, users will be sent a message with unique data for quickly logging into the 2Meet application.

What are the discounts for linking multiple events?

If you make an agreement for several events at once, then you receive a discount depending on how many there are. For example, for 2 events you can get a 15% discount, and for 5 events the discount is 30%. The final cost and amount of the discount can be discussed individually.

What does the cost of integration the application depend on?

The cost of implementing the application depends on a range of factors - the number of days the event is on for, the participants, the exhibitors, the speakers and so on, and on who is filling in the content, who is providing support etc. To get a personal price offer, contact us by e-mail at info@2meet.biz or get in touch with a 2Meet manager, who will ask all the necessary questions and give you a quote.

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