Frequently Asked Questions

How do I use the service on a PC?

Visit this link: http://online.2meet.biz

Where do I get an access code?

Contact the organizers of your event or email us at info@2meet.biz

How do I enter the app?

Enter your access code for the event and press the 'Continue' button. You can get an access code from the organizer.

How do I register with my phone number?

Make sure the telephone number field was entered correctly and ask for a code again. If the code doesn't arrive, contact the event organizers.

The text message with a code hasn't arrived

Enter your phone number in the corresponding field and press 'Get code'. A text message containing a code will be sent to your number. Enter the code you receive and press 'Confirm'. If the code doesn't arrive within 15 seconds, you can request that it be sent again.

How do I log in through a social network?

Press the button of your chosen social network and allow the application access to your account.

How do I contact organizers?

Use the chat with the Info Service user to contact the organizers online.

Why can't I chat with another attendee?

A chat with an attendee will be available only after a meeting is set and confirmed.

How do I find a contact and set up a meeting?

Use the convenient attendee search function and category filtering in the 'Find people' section.

How do I find out the number of an exhibitor's stand?

Go to the Exhibitors section in the application and use the filter or search options.